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Why to wear a cycling jersey ? [5 reasons]

In pic: CyclingPrince on his 700Km Golden Triangle Bike-Packing ride

If you are reading this, you may be wondering

should I invest in a cycling jersey?, is it worth buying?
maybe you are self-conscious about wearing tight-fits while riding a bike, or
maybe you are not sure of what kind of jersey you should buy?

Though reasons are aplenty, here are the top 5 of, ‘why you should wear a cycling jersey ?’ 


Riders sweat a lot, if you ride wearing a t-shirt, sweating will be unbearable. Cycling jerseys are made of moisture moving breathable lycra fabric. It moves the perspiration of the body out of the garment, which easily evaporates. By keeping dry, the fabric will equalize temperature while the mercury level of the body rises.

When it comes to fall and spring, long sleeve jerseys are specially designed for both moving out and insulating moisture. Cycling jerseys are usually made to be a form fit. It helps the rider to position himself in a comfortable way without any suffocation.

Brands like Hyve produce cycling jerseys with multiple types of high-quality fabrics in a single jersey. Which in turn makes jerseys more flexible and comfortable. If you crave a smooth ride it’s mandatory to have a cycling jersey


Cycling  jerseys have a more aerodynamic design when compared to regular clothing in order to confront excessive wind. With regular clothing, you’ll often find wind resistance to be a major issue. A cycling jersey can help to reduce it, so that you can have a better cycling experience.

If you are using a baggy t-shirt for riding you would know how much wind pulls you back. So the best idea to get faster or for long rides with less effort is to ride in a cycling jersey.


While going for a long ride, whether it’s a road trip or mountain hiking, a rider might want to carry a lot of things. A hand pump, sunscreen, id, phone, etc are some of the essentials you should carry on a ride. But riders don’t usually use backpacks, of course, it’ll affect the comfort. Cycling jerseys come with back pockets which are sufficient enough to carry the essentials. Hyve cycling jerseys come with four-inch deep triple back pockets where you can add a zipper also if you need.


To be honest, a lot of cyclists choose cycling to make them fit and look more stylish. Good quality, well-fitted bike jerseys provide a distinct look with their vibrant color and different attractive designs which reflect the cyclist’s passion and style. Looking good is feeling good! Hyve provides the most stunning cycling jerseys in an affordable budget range. Order your Hyve cycling jersey today and look the coolest!


if you take riding seriously, scorching sun is one hell of a factor you should consider. Consistent exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn and eventually develop skin cancer. Cycling jersey offers limited or high-quality protection against sun damage. Some manufacturers use SPF (Sun Protection Factor) as the sun creams to show how effectively they can protect you from the sun’s UV rays. If you bike a lot, especially on sunny days go for higher SPF. Good quality, full-length mountain bike jerseys are very useful in this aspect. If you are night rider, choose the option of reflectives on jerseys for better visibility.

If you are thinking about cycling seriously, a cycling jersey is a must-have. It makes your ride more comfy and feels good. Moreover wearing one is like an exoskeleton. A good cycling jersey not only provides enough comfort but also protects you from sunburn, sweating problems, and potential skin disease. With its extra rear pockets, to keep your essential items. Finally, a cycling jersey is not just a style; it is what you need for extra comfort and enhanced performance.


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