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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Refund

Note: We don’t maintain any stock or inventory of products. We follow asset light model with minimal wastage unlike fast fashion or retail products.

Order Process:
As your order is custom made, the manufacturing of your products goes through 5 stages. The process starts from the next working day.

Full Refund: Hence, for full refund, you have to place a cancellation request for your order or item(s) of the order within 24 hrs or next working day.
Partial Refund: Refund for your cancelled product depends on the stage of manufacturing. Cancellation fee is charged for incurred production costs.

% of cancellation fee by order (or product) process stage:
Stage 1: Design & Printing & QC = 20%
Stage 2: Fusing = 40%
Stage 3: Bundling & QC = 50%
Stage 4: Stitching & QC = 80%
Stage 5: Package & Dispatch = 90%

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