Damaged product:

If in the unfortunate circumstance that the product you receive is damaged, contact customer support or through our chat option on the website. We will assure free returns in case of manufacturing defects after checking necessary proof of the damage.


  • We urge you to check the size guide to help you select the right size before purchasing the product. In case of a manufacturing defect, we assure you free rework. If needed to change the size of a rightfully made product, we initiate a return pick up and provide paid rework.
  • The customer will be charged the reverse pick-up fee and also rework charges based on the nature of the rework. The rework shall take 5 working days per product.
  • The process of paid rework is mentioned below. You can contact us through the chat option on the website or you can directly contact the customer support team.
  • If the product is manufactured in prescribed dimensions as per size guidelines, we do no not accept returns in the case of the product not fitting you. In case of a complaint on sizes raised by a customer, the Hyve support team will check if there has been a manufacturing defect based on images/videos shared by the customer and then will be taking necessary course of action based on the nature of issue raised.


  • Paid Rework:
    • Standard reworking charges are 400INR. The same shall include change of 1 level size as per your requirement. The size change rework can be done only for one level size reduction option (as per the size chart). For eg. M to S or XL to L
  • Free Rework:
    • Hyve ensures free rework in case of a manufacturing defect once thoroughly checked by the production team.
  • Rework does not include:
    • Change of prints or change of full sleeve to half sleeve and vice versa.
    • Additions/removal of addons (eg: reflectors).


  1. 1 years of warranty. Warranty includes fabric deterioration or color fading. Wear and tear caused due to the use of the product will not be considered for warranty.
  2. We strongly recommend only to handwash the jerseys and not machine wash.
  3. The warranty shall not include altered products.


1 years of warranty. Subject to wear and tear.


  • Defects that come from normal wear and tear
  • Defects caused by accident, neglect, abuse, misuse or misapplication.
  • Defects caused by exposure to extreme natural conditions, liquids, or gasses.
  • Defects caused by handling by third parties (such as postal service, airlines, hotels, etc.,
  • Defects caused by service (including repairs) performed by anyone other than a Hyve authorized representative.
  • Defect caused by a modification of a product without Hyve’s permission.

How to obtain Rework service:

If you detect a defect in your Hyve product during the applicable Warranty Period, you should contact our Customer Service Department, as indicated in How to Contact Us section below, for further guidance or replacement of your product.
When you contact the Customer Service Department, you will be asked to provide:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address and telephone number
  3. Your receipt
  4. The date of purchase
  5. Photos of the defect

A customer service representative will provide you with the relevant instructions on reverse shipping your product to our Service Center.
Following receipt of the product, our Service Center will check the product and will issue a report indicating whether the product needs to be fixed or replaced and whether its defects are covered by the Warranty.

IMPORTANT: Before you deliver your product for warranty service, it is your responsibility to wash the products, empty your products and verify that you have not left any object or item in the products, such as in its pockets. Hyve is not responsible for any items left in products sent to us for rework or replacement.


  • Replacements are sent in cases where the product sent by Hyve is not matching as per the size chart of Hyve or in case of any defects in products.
  • Replacement will be provided in cases where Free rework of products are not possible.
  • The original product will be reverse picked up and a new product will be sent after proper checking from the side of production.


  • Refunds shall only be initiated after a thorough check up by the production team of the product and confirmation of a manufacturing defect.
  • The products shall be properly washed before sending it back to Hyve. Unwashed/used products shall not be accepted for returns, This also helps us to follow covid-19 protocols and take safety measures likewise.
  • After the product is inspected, We shall be refunding the amount inside 7 working days.
  • The customer also has the option to have a replacement of the product to have credits to be utilized in further purchase.

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