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ODATA10K 2023 – Run 10K in 10 Days Challenge

Ride Purpose

 To organize a global virtual challenge that aims to promote the Kannada language, culture, and support Kannada medium government aid schools in Karnataka. 

Register to participate

Registration costs 999 INR.

1. You will receive a registration confirmation mail with next steps.

2. Respective Strava and WhatsApp links will be shared.

3. Age: 8 and Above

Limited Time Slots Only (~2000). Register at the earliest
Limited to Locations: NewYork, Paris and London

For Participating, You will get:

1. Successful 10km challenge completed Runners, on the final day (Nov 1st) of the event, get to participate with other runners and celebrate. Organized by Namma Radio.

2. Custom Design Event Runner Tshirt with your Name on it.

3. Support Banvasi Kannada NGO and contribute to promoting Kannada language and culture in Karnataka and beyond

Event Rules:

Step 1: Register for the challenge and select the GPS platform you will be using.

Step 2: Download the supported GPS platform app on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Step 3: Sync the GPS app with your fitness tracker app or device to track your progress accurately.

Step 4: Start running and tracking your progress on the GPS platform app.

Step 5: Participants can compete individually or join teams to complete the 10K challenge in 10 days.

Step 6: Stay motivated and connected with other participants through the challenge’s social media platforms.

Step 7: Keep track of your progress and submit your results on the official website before the final day of the challenge.

Step 8: Attend the final day event organized by Namma Radio and celebrate your achievements with other participants.

Step 9: Purchase Hye Sports Merchandise to commemorate your participation and support the cause.

Step 10: Support Banvasi Kannada NGO and contribute to promoting Kannada language and culture in Karnataka and beyond

Please fill the form and Register

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For Queries/ Clarification, Contact Event Organizer:
Sunil, Global Virtual Race Director, ODATA2023

Call: +91-99162 38377
To Whatsapp: Click Here

Participant Custom Designed Event T-shirt from Hyve

Event Partners

2,95,000 +




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